Fett und Filz Charcoal & Co

Ones there was a period I've stopped drawing. It seemed there was no sense to recreate the same divine proportion again and again — from different shears it has seemed simply the way the addict is coping with a chaos. Too intimate to be public.


That's how the Shrouds period had begun.


An artist can do nothing with being a transmitter.

Canvas became a shroud you put inside the flow.

No ego included.

No creation in charge: no planning, imagining or analyzing, just give it the chance go through you.

Let the chaos speak — let the golden ratio become a portal you can squeeze through to the other side of canvas.


I think what has been started as an experiment will never ends. So as far as I can I try to be as clean transmitter as I can during the process: clean from personality, trying to be honest and to not "decorate" honest feelings & try to use natural media to keep being honest in the process.


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